Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Little Bit of America in Florence

      In this land of two-hour (even three-hour) lunch breaks, what's a body to do when faced with a deadline?  Angela, Tara and myself were busy working on an upcoming issue of Vista, Florence & Tuscany, with no time to go out in a non-take-out culture.
What to do?

      I suddenly remembered that one of my favorite Florentine cafés, Café Deluxée had just started a take out establishment in a new separate location, offering some of Deluxée's most requested items:  bagel sandwiches, hamburgers and salads for both lunch and dinner.  We decided to try this avant-garde (for Florence) service, calling Il Panino Tondo at 055/535.85.85.  Owner Samuele answered, and I placed an order for two bacon, egg and cheese bagel sandwiches and another bagel sandwich with smoked swordfish and shredded zucchini.

      Punctually, at 12:45 pm, a delivery woman arrived at our office on Borgo degli Albizi, bearing a thermal bag. 

     She took out a bag of still warm bagel sandwiches which tasted right out of the oven.

"The bagel is incredible," said Tara.  "I especially like the barbeque sauce.  Take-out food in America never tastes this good."

Looking at the flyer that I took the number from to call, we discovered that most of the orders are placed online.

The only thing that would be needed is an English translation.....


  1. That's such good service, and, as mentioned, quite unusual for Florence. Perfect for a stressful day at the busy Vista office.

    Tanti saluti da Svezia!