Thursday, March 8, 2012

Viareggio Carnival Winners

The grand prize winner of the Viareggio Carnival float competition (see previous post,
 Carnival Time & Viareggio)
was not one of our favorites, but could have been yours.  

The float is called Santo Subito (Sainthood Now!)
proclaiming the ironic canonization of 
former Italian prime minister Berlusconi,
conferred because of the all the "good" he achieved for 
the Italian people.
See the halo around "angelic" Berlusconi?

Here, as when he was in office, Berlusconi's candidacy for
sainthood is supported by world leaders, including U.S. President
Barack Obama (above).  The latter group is symbolized as members of the a parallel power structure,
high ranking members of the Church's hierarchy,
promoting Berlusconi's cause.

Second prize was assigned to a float entitled "Grandeur"
featuring French leader Sarkozy as a modern-day Napoleon
parading through the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.
Apparently the Italians wanted to express that Sarkozy
ha la testa montata (i.e. is a little man in a big role)
dictating to Europe just as Napoleon did.
The unspoken message is that pride comes before a fall.

As the reader can see from this and the previous post, the floats, remarkable pieces of pop art,
are nearly 40 ft. high and pulled by concealed tractors.

With the proclamation of the winners, the Carnival celebrations are officially over,
and we are in the Lenten season, moving towards spring,
 Easter and resurrection.


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  1. I've been following Richard Maury's career as an absolutely unique neorealistic painter, and I'm glad to see that Florence has given him his due in the exhibition at the Medici-Riccardi. Does he still live in Florence? Is he still active?

    Angela Jones