Friday, June 22, 2012

Angela Caputi--A Florence Fashion Designer

This week and next are Florence Fashion Weeks.  The city is in a social, creative and commercial ferment as Pitti Immagine Uomo, Pitti W and Pitti Bimbo (respectively men's, women's pre-collection and children's clothing for spring/summer 2013) are open to buyers and the press at the
 Fortezza da Basso trade fair center.

One well-known Florentine designer, Angela Caputi (pictured below)
took the opportunity to preview her premier costume jewelry collection to the public directly
at her shop on via Santo Spirito.

In the heart of Florence's Oltrarno neighborhood, Angela Caputi founded her company "Giuggiù" with the vision of designing fashion accessories.  Over 25 years later, her name is one of the most recognized in high fashion costume jewelry carrying the prestigious "Made in Italy" label.

Angela Caputi's inspiration derives from the haute couture of the 1940s and 50s when accessories had a significant role in the a movie star's overall appearance.  Contrary to the Italian neorealism filmmaking style of the period, Hollywood movies emphasized the potential of hope in a world where one's dreams could become reality.

Above is Caputi's dream of a costume jewelry piece--part of the spring/summer 2013 collection--becoming reality in the hands of a skilled craftsperson.

The Caputi workshop is located upstairs from the shop premises, and visitors were invited to view
the creation process during the Pitti Fashion Weeks.

Angela Caputi's elegant designs are extremely precise and distinctive--each piece is unique, having its own style and personality.

Characterized by the use of plastic and synthetic materials, the accessories are light and easy to wear.
The various combinations of colors and textures, combined with Angela Caputi's original designs,
 form her personal trademark.

The designer's endless collection of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and pins gives her clients the freedom to choose something that fits their own personal style.

Besides previewing trends in costume jewelry for next year, the Angela Caputi shop
displays this year's summer collection.

The color palette is extremely bright and shiny, featuring sea colors such as blue, amber,
 turquoise and aqua.

Although Caputi's company has participated in fashion fairs and international events in Paris and New York, the designer has never forgotten the magic of the city where it all began.

"While Milan has become the commercial center of fashion, Florentine craftsman continue to invent new and original pieces," she says.  "It is thanks to its artistic soul that Florence remains a place that people continue to fall in love with."

And in love of course with the various expressions of that artistic soul.

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